The workshop will be held at McGill's Bellairs Institute. For detailed information about accommodation, check here.

Bellairs Institute is a basic place, not a hotel.

There are fans instead of air conditioning, and cinderblock buildings. Most participants in the workshop will share a room with another attendee.

On the other hand, when it gets too hot you walk 150 ft to the beach and go for a snorkel on the best coral reef on the island.

You make your own breakfast and lunch.

Dinner is family style and home-cooked delicious.

The cost per day (food and lodging) is $75-$200 USD, depending on the room type and how many people share it.

Bellairs is a research station with some ongoing bird experiments, but mostly it hosts small McGill-related workshops, one or two each week, on just about any topic you can think of.

It is an enjoyable, relaxed time.

Getting to Barbados and Bellairs

Fly into Grantley Adams International Airport, preferably one of February 10, 11, 12 because the formal program begins on Monday February 13th.

You will be responsible for your own airport transfer from the airport to Bellairs Institute in Holetown. We will provide some additional guidance here closer to the event.

Several of the organizers will be there Feb 10-17th. We'll send out cell phone numbers for contact closer to the event in case you have any issues when you arrive.

Visas and Travel Documents

Residents of many countries will only require a passport and a return ticket to be admitted to Barbados. However, there are exceptions.

Please ensure you will be admitted to the country!

Currency and Paying for Stuff

The Barbadian dollar is pegged to the US dollar ($1 USD == $2 BBD). Most places will take local currency or USD.

Larger restaurants will take credit cards. Smaller stands may only take cash.

I'm not sure if there is a bank machine right near Bellairs.


We will have to select a meal plan for the whole group for the entire duration, no exceptions. Details TBD for 2023, but probably breakfast and dinner will be included. Attendees will be responsible for meal costs at the end of the week.

Breakfast is $16 USD, and dinner is $28USD.

We are currently attempting to organize breakfast and dinner from the 12th onwards; however, there is no guarantee yet.

Our first meal as a group is at the institute on Sunday the 12th for dinner.

For lunch we fend for ourselves while roaming the island.

For those who are able to join, we hope to organize a trip to Oistens Fish Fry on Friday the 10th.