Barbados Fun

The afternoon activities are self organized. Trips in previous years have included snorkeling with turtles, sightseeing tours, surfing, body boarding, scuba diving, and dinner outings to the fishing village of Oistins.

Here's some certainly outdated and info that we have been reusing for 14 years and needs an update.

Scuba Diving

There is a very nice shallow reef directly behind Bellairs Institute.

As a favour, the institute allows us to rent their tanks and dive on the reef. This is not intended for inexperienced divers, so there are restrictions:

  • Must have an open water dive certification and evidence of experience. A new diver with only a handful of dives may not be permitted to dive due to our lack of a professional dive master.

  • If you haven't been diving in over 12 months, you may be required to complete a checkout dive with a local dive shop (we can do this as a group probably).

  • Must have own equipment (except weights and tanks)

  • Someone must be responsible for the group to ensure dives are planned and executed properly. Brian Tanner will be the dive coordinator in 2023.

In the past we have organized day and night dives.

What to do?

The Beach!

If you intend on snorkelling with us, please ensure you have your own snorkel and goggles. These can be found readily on amazon and in most sporting goods stores.

Also make sure you have plenty of sunscreen!

For night snorkelling, you will need to wear something that covers your arms and legs in order to help keep you warm and to protect against jellyfish encounters (uncommon but painful when they do occur). A long-sleeve t-shirt and leggings or long underwear will suffice; a fancy scuba or surf suit is not necessary. You will also need a small dive light. You can get reasonable lights for $30-$50 on the web (e.g., Amazon) or your local aquatic sporting store.